New year, new aircraft for Atlas Air

Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, Inc subsidiary, Atlas Air kicked off the new year with a happy event: the delivery of a fourth new Boeing 777 freighter that it will operate for MSC Air Cargo (the virtual airline fraction of MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company SA, launched at the end of 2022). This means increased weekly air cargo services, including its successful first commercial flight from Hong Kong (HKG) to Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW). The first of the four B777 aircraft under ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance) contract that Atlas Air operates for MSC Cargo, was delivered in NOV22. Freighters two and three in JUL23 and NOV23, respectively. This fleet of four modern freighters which can cover the greatest distance in comparison to other freighters, allows Atlas and MSC Cargo to offer a cleaner, quieter, more cost and fuel-efficient service, with a possible uplift of 107 tons per flight.

A new plane is always a good reason to smile. Image: MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company

Richard Broekman, Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Sustainability, Atlas Air Worldwide, commented: “The delivery of this fourth 777 Freighter that we are operating for MSC, marks an incredibly exciting milestone of our long-term strategic partnership. We value our partnership and look forward to building upon our relationship with MSC as the company continues to grow its air cargo solution for its customers.”

Anders Matikka, Vice President, Air Cargo, MSC, said: “This latest 777 Freighter delivery represents a pivotal moment and significant milestone for our company as it marks the completion of our first set of aircrafts in partnership with Atlas Air. This new and enhanced fleet will empower us to elevate our offering, ensuring enhanced support for our valued clients and a stronger presence in the market.



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