New Year, New Look!

Did you notice any change with our first newsletter of the year, last week? Or this one? And have you been on our website, recently? CargoForwarder Global has started 2024 the way we mean to go on – with a fresh, modern, and upbeat look to our website and newsletter. Plus, we’re offering a special advertising deal, too, for contracts signed this month.

The start of the new year is often a time of new year’s resolutions, where people plan targets and actions designed to take them to the next level of fitness, knowledge, health, etc. Over at CargoForwarder Global, we had similar plans for our website and overall image. Our aim: a clear, crisp, corporate identity look, an agile, user-friendly interface, and a number of improvements on what had gone before.

So, what’s new?
Our New Look website went online last Sunday, with a few tweaks still being done here and there, but already we’re jolly pleased with the results. What are they? First and foremost, our site is Smartphone-friendly. Our full-name logo appears on the website to users using a computer, whilst on the phone, you’ll see the abbreviated ‘CFG’ logo. Our corporate colors of orange and blue are used to offer a cheerful, neat look, and the individual articles are not only visually separated by a discreet line, but also clearly display the author, the date of publication, and the relevant content category.

Simpler search function…
In fact, these categories – 15 in total – allow readers to quickly navigate to articles of interest to them. In addition, we now offer a more intelligent search function that lists relevant articles in order of publication, with the newest story at the top of the list. This is a major improvement on the old website, which was unable to sort its results. One point, however, needs mentioning here: our article database only goes back a few months. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer a full archive dating back to our beginnings in 2012. This means that you might end up with an Error 404 page if you click on our LinkedIn posts referring to older articles. Given that news is a perishable commodity and always needing to be updated, this should not pose much of a problem. We are forward-looking and can now build up a much smarter archive from here on.

… and easier article sharing
Another large bonus with the new website: All of our articles have their own link. In the past, our Short Shots shared a single, common link. Now, each Short Shot can be shared individually, if so desired. Also, every article has its own comment section, so that readers can provide feedback directly under the respective story.

Our footer has been neatened up. Here, you not only find the subscription box, but can also see at a glance which articles are the most recent and which are the most popular.

What do you think?
So, what do YOU think? Do you like our new look? What, in particular? Or do you have further improvement suggestions that you would like to share with us? Simply comment underneath this article on our website and let us know. And what articles would you like to read more of?

Certainly, one (fake logistics) website appears to have taken a fancy to what we write, since we discovered last week that every one of our articles from our new platform, is appearing on a fake logistics website. Whilst we are delighted when readers share links on their social media pages to what we publish, this kind of mass theft where the fake website is made to look as if its owners are the authors of our articles, is illegal and will be followed up on.

Special deal for those wanting to advertise with us
Such a smart, friendly website as ours now is, provides the perfect backdrop for your adverts. So, if you’re looking to be among the first advertisers on our New Look platform, we’re offering to do you a special rate valid for all confirmed ad contracts made before 31JAN24 for placements starting 01FEB24. Just mention NEWLOOK24 in your message to either Olga Romanova or Heiner Siegmund .

Be quick! Otherwise the best places will be gone.



  1. Hi Brigitte, although I am no longer active in this industry, I am still ‘addicted’ to following it.
    Maybe this is just ‘me’, but I do believe that a good bit of ‘Klatsch’ always attracts readers. There is also
    the glorification, or even self-glorification’ factor….
    I think what may enhance your readership circulation figures could be the following..
    – a ‘People’ column…short briefs about appointments and moves in the industry/ies…DACH-centric, but also European. I do believe that many companies would be happy to share their promotions, moves, new-joiners etc. I am sure many have a ‘standardverteiler’ with their latest personell updates (what I have seen in other publications).
    – once this is established, you will (although no one will admit it) have all those readers looking for themselves. If LinkedIn is anything to go by, the pride and ‘putting yourself out-there’ factor will develop to be self-generating.

    This is not just about high-profile , in-depth interviews but one or two levels lower and much shorter. If you can incorporate the competitive and ‘klatsch’-factor here,
    even better. Gruesse Mike

  2. Thanks for your suggestion, Mike! We sometime feature new appointments in the ShortShots – less of the “Klatsch” though, until now. Will give it some thought and see what we can come up with.
    Alternatively, if you’d like to give it a go as Klatsch-Columnist for us, you’d be more than welcome! 😉
    Best regards,


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