Avensis Aviation presents innovative P2F solutions

The London-based engineering and design company has introduced its first passenger-to-freighter conversion solutions for the Airbus A330-200, -300 and A340 variants. The concepts are characterized by a large number of technical and easy-to-use innovations, this way challenging the business of established P2F converters.

Freighters are loaded on 2 levels, made possible by the lift inside the aircraft – Illustrations: courtesy Avensis 

This applies in particular to the ‘Avensis Medius Evo’, a new e-commerce express conversion solution. Once brought to life, the aircraft could fill a gap in the P2F landscape, dominated by a small number of specialists. Those are well-known names, such as the German provider, Elbe Flugzeugwerke (EFW), which specialized in the conversion of Airbus variants, or, in the case of Boeing built passenger aircraft, Mammoth Freighters LLC, based in Orlando, Florida, and Israel-headquartered IAI Bedek.

Technical advantages translate into cost advantages
The P2F market is fiercely contested, exciting and challenging, reaching a total global volume of USD 2.52 billion in 2022. According to an analysis presented by Fortune Business Insights, this will rise to USD 5.19 billion by 2029. Of these figures, the Avensis managers are determined to channel a portion into their company’s own coffers. They intend to achieve this by building and marketing an innovative and first-of-its-kind passenger to e-commerce (PTEF) converted cargo jetliner.

This reconstruction concept for widebody Airbus variants aims to optimize the aircraft’s empty weight, increase its fuel efficiency, and accelerate loading and unloading times. Thus, users will be able to enhance their cargo operations while addressing market yield and cargo weight fluctuations, claims Avensis. The aircraft’s cargo compartments allow for the fast and fully automated loading of containerized e-freight consignments, so no manual labor will be required.

The platform can be moved down and up as required. It can handle shipments weighing up to 2.2 tons.

Freighters are equipped with lifts
An industry first is also its Medius Elev system which features built-in forward and aft lift platforms on the main deck floor. This configuration allows for the loading of pallets and containers on the main and lower decks by lowerable lifts. Thanks to this technical feature, loading and unloading times can be significantly reduced and turn-around-time efficiency optimized, claims Avensis. The forward and aft lift platforms can safely and quickly accommodate a 96”x 125” (2.4m x 3.2m) container or pallet base weighing up to 2.2 tons each. Both lifts feature built-in redundancy systems, including two independent operating systems as well as a backup manual override.

Avensis does not provide cost comparisons
The company claims that all of its P2F conversions reduce the risks for both operators and lessors, and are fully reversible if market developments require a change in aircraft utilization. Due to their dual lift solution and other technical novelties, Avensis speaks of “game-changing cargo conversions,” on its website. However, the company does not provide information on the cost structure of its solutions compared to P2F solutions offered by other converters. It is also unclear whether Airbus has agreed to provide the construction data for the A330 and A340 planned to undergo remodeling. Without these, the relevant aviation authorities will presumably deny the converter a Supplementary Type Certificate (STS), which is a precondition for operating any P2F remodeled aircraft as freighter. Against this background, it is strange that there is no reference to this on the company’s homepage.



  1. This model will never work – the lifts
    Must be operating sufficiently rear and front
    While loading and unloading of cargo there
    Should be no technical malfunction like as
    To delay the ramp operation – airlines today
    Can not even maintain there drive systems
    In the cargo holds so how will they be able
    Maintain lifts .
    Look as I ramp agent since 2002 you can not
    Have a P2F with lifts moving up and down in a aircraft
    Cargo hold .
    Look it will never work .


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