Maastricht Aachen Airport reports ‘wheely good’ growth

Jonas van Stekelenburg, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Maastricht Aachen Airport – credit: MST

Pardon the pun, but since this growth of a staggering 270% year-on-year increase relates to trucked cargo, it was too good to pass up on. The Netherlands’ second largest cargo hub suffered a year-on-year flown freight downturn last year, because of a crucial runway upgrade: the runway strip will be extended to 2,750 meters by the end of 2025, to the investment value of EUR 35.3 million. The press release revealed that the incredible trucking result had offset the flown cargo downturn: “Trucked freight increased from 11,120 metric tons to 31,056 metric tons in January 2023 to December 2023, while flown freight was down from 108,218 metric tons to 32,275 metric tons for the same period.” A stark contrast to the 70% dip in flown cargo volumes in 2023, when compared to 2022. As a regional cargo airport, CEO van Stekelenburg was of the opinion that it suffered more from the cargo fluctuation than hub airports, but also that – since air cargo volumes began to pick up again at the end of last year – 2024 should see a good recovery. MAA’s trucking success is down to the airport providing fulfilment services such as repacking, sorting, or Customs handling.

In related news, MAA newly appointed a new Head of Commercial Development: Dean Boljuncic. His responsibilities include the launch of a Regional Cargo Community supported by Air Cargo Netherlands. The latter has a branch in Maastricht since DEC23.

Jonas van Stekelenburg, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), MAA, stated: “MAA’s strategy to focus on and improve trucked freight volumes was, in part, a response to the impact the improvements on our runway were and are sure to bring about. The fantastic team at MAA managed to significantly offset the drop off in flown cargo volumes brought about by MAA’s runway improvement project and we are now well positioned to get flown cargo volumes back to 2022 levels and well beyond. The focus on the restructuring of MAA from Board level downwards throughout 2023, has made way for a keen focus on the development of its wider commercial activities. MAA’s newly launched Commercial Department in November last year as part of its overall growth strategy, has already led to key discussions taking place with various airlines for 2024 and beyond.”



  1. What is the exact def. of “trucked freight”. Cargo that never entered or left a plane at MST?
    Flown and trucked freight all arrive or leave by truck, so were is the difference? Can anyone explain (examples), thanks


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