Azeri carrier Silk Way West intend to up flights to Germany

The Baku-based freight airline is optimistic about reaching a bilateral agreement to increase its flights on the Baku-Hahn route. Today, the operations are limited to five services per week. A new accord, allowing more air transports, would significantly contribute to the economic prosperity of both nations, stated Wolfgang Meier, the CEO and President of Silk Way West Airlines.

Silk Way West Airlines welcomed a delegation of 50+ leading German industry managers  – courtesy: Silk Way West

The executive said this at Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku, on the occasion of welcoming a delegation of over 50 business leaders organized by the German Eastern Business Association alongside the German-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce. This significant gathering underscored the robust economic partnership between both nations, highlighting the mutual commitment to expanding trade and fostering economic growth.

Silk Way West bridges East and West
Germany is the fourth-largest trading partner of Azerbaijan, contributed 4.6% of the Caspian state’s total trade volume as of 2022. Bilateral engagements extend beyond commerce, however, and encompass environmental sustainability, climate protection initiatives, and cultural exchanges, reinforcing Azerbaijan’s status as Germany’s foremost partner in the wider Caucasus region.
Mr. Meier, who introduced and presented his airline to the members of the delegation, emphasized the important role Silk Way West plays for securing the German industry’s global supply chains particularly on trade lanes between Europe and the Far East. By operating air freight services from and to Frankfurt-Hahn, the airline efficiently connects German exporters to key Asia-Pacific markets, including India, Singapore, and Japan, among others. All flights are routed via the carrier’s strategic Baku hub. This connectivity not only enhances trade facilitation but also underpins the dynamic economic relations between the two nations, is stated in a press release published by the organizers in consultation with the airline.
The discussions following Meier’s presentation included specifics concerning Silk Way West Airlines’ planned development and market strategies, fleet and route policies.

Caspian powerhouse
Tobias Baumann, the Managing Director of the German-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce, reflected on Azerbaijan’s emerging significance as an energy powerhouse and a reliable transit hub linking European and Asian markets, stating: “The growing prominence of Azerbaijan as a crucial energy source and a key logistical nexus for both European and Asian markets undeniably amplify the strategic role of Silk Way West Airlines as an essential transportation provider. As the airline’s significance in facilitating seamless connections continues to ascend, we are eager to see Silk Way West Airlines emerge as a leading force in catering to increasing supply chain demands,” the official said. This development would not only align with commercial objectives but would also play a crucial role in enhancing the bilateral ties between both nations, fostering an ever-deeper economic and strategic partnership, he added.

Even if this topic did not stand on the agenda – for diplomatic reasons – but it became clear that Silk Way West benefits from the sanctions imposed by the West on Russia. The Azeri freight carrier is increasingly filling the gap left by the ban on AirBridgeCargo flights between the Far East and Europe.
Ultimately, the industry doesn’t care whether their goods are traveling via the Baku Heydar Aliyev hub or Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport. The main thing is that the shipments are flown, punctually and reliably, said one participant on the sidelines of the visit.



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