Gebrüder Weiss returns to Riege, after 10 years

Austrian logistics company, Gebrüder Weiss, and IT manager, Riege cooperated until 2011. Then, the transport company switched to a competitor. Now they have decided in favor of Riege again, as their former partner no longer met the requirements.

Gebr. Weiss is based at Lauterach, Austria, close to the Swiss and German borders  – company courtesy

For Riege Software, the decision has a twofold effect: a former major customer has been won back. This shows that the software solutions offered by the Dusseldorf-based IT company stand out with regard to quality and reliability. This applies in particular to their core product, Scope, which is widely known in the cargo industry as the leading freight forwarding and customs software tool, and has gained increasing popularity among large and small transport companies, alike.

Remarkable technical and practical skills
In addition to the operational benefits enabled by the product, there is another aspect that motivated Gebrüder Weiss: The undisputed expert knowledge of the company’s service team as most Riege members have previously held jobs in forwarding agencies. Hence, they know exactly which issues must be dealt with in daily business processes. By using Scope, process efficiency will be upped, the flow of shipments accelerated, and the failure rate further reduced, states a joint Gebrüder Weiss and Riege release. Especially in regard to customs issues, the electronic tool, Scope, has lately become a gamechanger – as was acknowledged by leading German customs officials at a gathering in summer 2023 (CargoForwarder Global reported). This is indirectly confirmed by Werner Dettenthaler, Regional Manager Land Transport Germany at Gebrüder Weiss. “The decision [in favor of Scope] was easy for us and we were pleasantly surprised at how quickly the changeover worked. Scope was up and running in just four weeks.”

Riege Software welcomes the return of Gebr. Weiss as user of Scope  –  courtesy: Riege

Managing goods digitally
Developed by Riege Software, the integrated transportation management system, Scope, automates processes, communicates with third party providers or online portals, and thus enables users to digitally manage shipments along the global supply chain with no need to change systems and without fault-prone multiple data entry.

“Our software for freight forwarding and customs manages all processes from the first to the last mile, and enables users to collaborate seamlessly, which is the ideal basis for sustainable growth,” Tobias Riege, CEO of Riege Software, underlines.

In addition to technical and operational aspects, the values to which Gebrüder Weiss has committed itself also reflect Riege’s values to a large extent.

Consistency in values
“We are proud to call a company with such a great tradition as Gebrüder Weiss, our customer and like to welcome them back in our traditional circle of clients,” states Tobias Riege. He adds to this that it is no coincidence that the two companies share many of the same corporate values. “We also strive to operate sustainably, have a zero-fault tolerance when it comes to our products, and we are proud of our independence as a family-owned company managed in second generation.” Gebrüder Weiss is a global, full-service logistics provider with around 8,400 employees and 180 company-owned stations. In 2022, the agent generated annual sales of 3 billion euros.



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