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Since Western companies have been reconsidering their involvement in China (keyword: China Plus One), the Eastern European region has become increasingly attractive for foreign capital, alongside Mexico and countries in Southeast Asia. The top EU candidates attracting the most investments are the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Austria. This strategy of sourcing products from more than one country by diversifying the supply chain to reduce economic risks, is echoed by event providers such as World of Freight (WOF).

The aim of this organizer is to offer the Eastern European air freight and logistics market a forum for exchanging ideas, networking opportunities, and initiating business relationships. This also includes the involvement of Eastern European scientists and logistic experts in international dialog.

WOF’s upcoming Vienna Summit is the event manager’s  6th B2B gathering since its founding in early 2020 – courtesy: WOF

Unknown experts are given the floor
At mammoth events such as the World Cargo Symposium recently held by IATA Cargo in Hong Kong, the Air Cargo Americas trade show, or Intermodal in Brazil, they are hardly ever seen on stage: logistics and air freight experts from Eastern Europe, speaking on behalf of their companies or educational institutions. For example, scholars from the renowned NAUT Trade Universe, which is equally represented in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, or the Pannonia University of Veszprém in Hungary.

Never heard of them? No wonder. Scientists from these institutions have so far been sought in vain on the program pages of major air freight and logistics events.

Bringing them increasingly onto the stages of congresses and giving them the floor is the credit of trade show organizer, World of Freight. This is evidenced by the list of specialists and speakers standing on the program of WOF’s Vienna Summit which will take place from 18-19SEP24.

Impressive list of speakers
The following names are probably largely unknown in the transportation industry in Western Europe, North and Latin America or the Far East:

Petr Nejedlý, CEO NAUT Trade Universe,
Gábor Kovács, Managing Director Hungary & CEE, Scan Global Logistics,
Nikolay Kurbanov, MD Avem Aero, an Estonian cargo charter operator,
Martin Polakovič – Head of Global Logistics Procurement, Lenovo,
Zsolt István – Head of Innovation Management, University of Miscolci, Hungary.
Concentrated expertise that will surely deliver plenty of food for thought to the participants at the upcoming Vienna gathering.

Hot topics
And this is exactly where WOF comes into play. The Group has created a platform, rotating between Bratislava, Prague, Vienna, and Budapest, where international industry professionals from the entire supply chain come together to exchange knowhow, insights, and innovative ideas. Following the Budapest event in 2023, the trade show again moves to Vienna this year. The vibrant Austrian capital serves as ideal fertile ground for international gatherings due to its excellent transport links and geographical location right in the heart of the EU. There, WOF plans to touch the industry’s hottest logistics topics and issues, such as Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) compliance in the process of international freight movement, AI and Big Data utilization, risk mitigation through multimodality, meeting customer satisfaction in e-commerce. A special appetizer is also the offer to engage in discussion with logistics experts from companies like Alza.cz, IKEA, Lenovo, RHI Magnesita, and event host, Vienna Airport.

Risking dents
Beyond Vienna, the trade fair organizer intends to expand WOF’s geographical footprint by planning events in Slovenia (port of Koper) and Antwerp-Bruges (Belgium). However, when penetrating established markets, it risks facing fierce competition. After all, ports such as Rotterdam, Antwerp, Koper, and Hamburg, or airports like Charles de Gaulle, Amsterdam or Frankfurt stand high on the customer list of leading logistics trade fair organizers such as Messe München, the by far largest organizer worldwide. To cross swords with such players could lead to dents.



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