Etihad Cargo invests in cool dollies and celebrates container partner

It was all about containers over at Etihad this week and the airline’s focus on temperature-controlled products. Following on from the launch of its pharma hub, the refurbishment of its perishables facilities, and the Qualified Envirotainer Providers (QEP) certification of 30 of its stations, it has now focused on ULDs and ground transport. Etihad recently announced the introduction of high-tech, temperature-controlled cool dollies to Etihad Airport Services Cargo (EASC)’s fleet at Abu Dhabi Airport, in partnership with EASC, to ensure that cool shipments are protected during ramp transport. Cool dollies can maintain temperatures of +2 to +25 degrees Celsius, and include an in-built alarm system notifying staff of any temperature fluctuations.

A rosy future based on sustainable and green ideas – image: TIACA

Thomas Schürmann, Head of Cargo Operations & Delivery at Etihad Cargo, said: “These specialized containers not only control the temperature but also enable Etihad Cargo to access the data records, providing increased visibility of this Critical Control Point to reduce, eliminate and prevent hazards. […] With these brand-new cool dollies, Etihad Cargo is bridging the last gap in its global cool chain offering by providing continuity and stability with advanced temperature-controlled solutions during the most critical step of air cargo transportation.”

Naresh Ranganathan, Acting Vice President Cargo at Etihad Airport Services Cargo, said: “We are very pleased to introduce these cool dollies, which will, in the initial phase, be used exclusively to transport pharmaceutical and perishable products to and from the aircraft from our cargo facilities.

The airline also celebrated a decade of strategic partnership (since 2013) with Envirotainer, which not only provides cool containers, but also instructs airline staff in the specialized handling of its products. 16 of the airline’s Pharma Champions went through the Envirotainer Academy recently, increasing their expert knowledge in the handling of high-value pharma shipments. And the pharma segment is rapidly growing: 37% increase in shipments in 2023 compared to 2022.

Thomas Schürmann, Head of Cargo Operations & Delivery at Etihad Cargo, said: “Etihad Cargo’s decade-long partnership with Envirotainer reflects the shared ongoing commitment to creating a more robust, resilient, and transparent global healthcare ecosystem. Through this collaboration, Etihad Cargo has been able to ensure the seamless delivery of essential life-saving medicines to improve the lives of people around the world while overcoming logistical challenges and providing transparency.”

Akos Balkanyi, Global Key Account Manager, said: “This significant milestone highlights the true collaboration between our two companies and resonates with our mission of enabling global access to biopharmaceuticals. We look forward to continuing to work together to further strengthen and innovate the cold chain.”



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