Spotlight on… Jaran Vromen, Global Key Account Manager, Challenge Air Cargo

CargoForwarder Global’s ‘Spotlight On…’ series aims to highlight the many different functions involved in ensuring that cargo flies from A to B safely, efficiently, and on time. And we want to get to know the people behind the job title: what brings them to our industry, and what advice they have for those considering a career in air cargo. This week, Jaran Vromen (JV), Global Key Account Manager at Challenge Air Cargo takes us through his job, how he discovered the industry and where he sees challenges and opportunities.

Jaran Vromen – image: private

CFG: What is your current function? And what are your responsibilities?

JV: I am the Global Key Account Manager at Challenge Group, based in the Netherlands. My role involves developing the framework to support our global key account team based around the world, which I also lead. This team is designed to deepen our understanding of our customers’ strategies and align our products and services accordingly. Additionally, we provide customers with a dedicated point of contact for daily operations, ensuring they receive extra attention and support.

CFG: What does a normal day look like for you? Or is there such a thing?

JV: Currently, it’s a mix of dealing with customer RFQ’s, Project management (creating new and improved services) such as creating our E-commerce end-to-end service and traveling to industry events like Air Cargo India, IATA WCS, etc.

CFG: How long have you been in the air cargo industry, and what brought you to it?

JV: I spent 6 years with FedEx Europe responsible for the Aerospace Key Accounts in Europe and since a year joined Challenge Group. I started my sales journey in the returnable packaging for the automotive industry but got inspired by a talk from a couple TNT executives at a conference that really made me excited about the industry and eventually fueled the move to the Express world.

CFG: What do you enjoy most about your job?

JV: That you do not know what the day brings and being able to learn new things every day. Next to that it’s great to work at a company like Challenge Group where there is a real entrepreneurial mindset to improve and grow on a daily basis and use the experience of the team members to enhance the business.

CFG: Where do you see the greatest challenges in our industry?

JV: We work in an industry with a need for young and innovative individuals to add value and work towards a more innovative, efficient industry. That is why I also joined Cargo Collective!

CFG: What advice would you give to people looking to get into the air cargo industry? Any particular training they should aim for?

JV: In my line of work, it’s very beneficial if you have specific knowledge in a vertical (pharma, automotive, etc.) and specialize/build your network in these industries by visiting industry events, join groups like cargo collective, etc.

CFG: If the air cargo industry were a film/book, what would its title be?

JV: Around the world in 80 days.

CFG: Many thanks, Jaran, for your insights.

If you would like to share your personal air cargo story with our CargoForwarder Global readers, feel free to send your answers to the above questions to We look forward to shining a spotlight on your job area, views, and experiences.



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