Teleport speeds up deliveries between China and Southeast Asia

Founded in 2018, Teleport is now Southeast Asia’s largest integrated logistics provider. At a recent media conference in Shanghai, the company committed to enabling faster and cheaper deliveries for businesses in China and Southeast Asia focused on eCommerce. Given that its network – the largest in the region – links 19 Chinese cities with 85 destinations across Southeast Asia, the airline is able to offer a competitive cost structure and great connectivity. In creating this enhanced delivery offer, Teleport plans to grow its daily parcel delivery average to 2 million parcels a day by 2025, up from 170,000 parcels per day in 2023. Forecasts predict that cross-border eCommerce will contribute almost a third of total air cargo volume by 2027, particularly to Asia (mostly Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore), the U.S. and Europe, all seeking affordable Chinese goods. China’s B2C export eCommerce market is expected to double to 6.05 trillion yuan from 3.23 trillion yuan in 2022.

Pete Chareonwongsak, CEO of Teleport, speaking in Shanghai. Image: Teleport

Janson Peng, Commercial Country Head, Teleport China, announced: “Today’s standard service level for eCommerce marketplaces to move cross-border parcels from China to consumers in Southeast Asia is approximately five days. One, to one and a half days for merchants to pack their parcels to reach the warehouse, and about four days between warehouse in China to destination warehouse in Southeast Asia. We have the ability to cut down the four-day delivery time between China and Southeast Asia, to as fast as the next day, affordably. Today, we are operating at a flight frequency of 2214 flights a month – which effectively makes us number one in terms of the most flight frequency out of China into Southeast Asia cities [and we serve ] as the perfect transshipment hub to connect Chinese businesses to other major markets such as Oceania, Middle East, Europe and the US.”

Pete Chareonwongsak, CEO of Teleport, emphasized: “China and Southeast Asia today are already each other’s largest trade partners — We see this as an opportunity to contribute to this significant relationship by improving how eCommerce connects – specifically, moving parcels faster. Time-sensitive delivery between marketplaces and consumers is no longer a premium option. It is a consumer ask and we are confident of our ability to deliver between China and Southeast Asia, faster and cheaper. We have built our unique, multimodal network and hybrid fleet model, instead of a pure freighter play to move goods across Southeast Asia, to ensure that we deliver speed, at a favourable cost.”



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