DGR bookings on Coyne Airways now via WebCargo

There always has to be that first contender to pave the way for all others. Whilst General Cargo is now a well-established e-booking contender on WebCargo, Dangerous Goods is only now set to gets its breakthrough. And that, thanks to Coyne Airways which becomes the first carrier to offer Dangerous Goods booking capacity via WebCargo by Freightos. This is not only a “commodity” gain for WebCargo, but also brings the channel to more users across Africa, the Gulf, and the Caspian regions, where forwarders and airline partners can enjoy seamless access to real-time rates, booking, interline and payment solutions. Coyne Airways, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, annually transports around 300,000 tons of air cargo. Its business focus is on providing cargo connections to destinations with limited global coverage, such as the Caucasus, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Sakhalin Island, as well as providing services in Africa, the Gulf, and the Caspian regions.

Taking a pioneering step on WebCargo. Image: WebCargo

Julien Triay, Sales Director for WebCargo by Freightos, stated: “Larry Coyne is not just known for establishing Coyne Airways, but also for his pioneering efforts to reliably transport cargo to hard-to-reach destinations. With Coyne becoming the first carrier to provide dangerous goods booking on WebCargo’s platform, they continue to lead in innovation, expanding access and streamlining logistics for forwarders globally.”

Liana Coyne, Director at Coyne Airways, commented: “We are thrilled to partner with WebCargo by Freightos to bring our air cargo capacity to a broader audience. This collaboration reflects our commitment to innovation and enhancing the customer experience. By offering real-time rates and booking capabilities, including for dangerous goods, we are providing our customers with the tools they need to optimize their logistics operations.”



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