Riege Switzerland widens its scope

The Swiss subsidiary of Riege Software is expanding its product portfolio. Jeanne Graf, the new Managing Director of the branch, is responsible for driving ahead digital innovation. Ms. Graf will take up her new position on 01JUL24. Key areas of responsibility such as the development of new customs modules based on the Passar system for imports and exports of air freight shipments, the strengthening of sustainability initiatives, and the deepening of customer relationships, are listed high up on her agenda.

Graf has been with Riege for some time and was responsible for a variety of tasks before the Riege management appointed her Managing Director of the Swiss subsidiary based in Meerbusch near Dusseldorf, Germany. When asked about the ethical values that she represents and expects from her colleagues, she says: “For me, sustainability and respect are two very significant values that Riege Switzerland will continue to pursue in the future. Open communication at eye level with customers and employees will be my strength.” Coming from forwarding and product management,her professional focus is now on strengthening customer relationships, conducting market analyses, and becoming more familiar with the details of financial issues.

Jeanne Graf (2nd from right) and her Riege Switzerland Team – photo: company courtesy

Challenging task
Due to the broad range of business activities, the requirements of Riege’s customers differ substantially. This applies above all to pharmaceutical logistics, which is one of the main topics its Swiss subsidiary is currently focusing on. “We analyze special market requirements and, in close cooperation with our customers, we develop tailored solutions fitting their needs,” Jeanne Graf says.

CH NCTS goes…
For this reason, Riege Switzerland has also hired an own software developer, who will work the specifics of the applicable Swiss import, export and transit regulations into modules and integrate them into Scope’s current software architecture. According to Ms. Graf, this has already been accomplished for transit traffic.

…Passar comes
Following the successful launch of the Passar Transit Module, Riege Software Switzerland is now focusing on electronic solutions for Export and Import. The outdated customs communication module, edec Export, will be switched off on 31DEC25 and replaced by the new Passar Export Module.
This will be done on an EU-wide level to speed up the flow of imports and exports and simplify customs clearance, making processes more transparent. To accomplish this demanding task, Riege is closely collaborating with experts from the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security – FOCBS, Jeanne Graf emphasizes.
Riege is a provider of innovative electronic services for the logistics and air freight industry but is also a commercial company that charges for its services. When asked about prices for the use of its software solutions, Ms. Graf remains tight-lipped. This depends on many factors such as the frequency of use, is all she says.

Making CO2 footprint transparent
In addition to enhancing Scope, Riege’s bread and butter tool, Ms. Graf emphasizes that sustainability is similarly high on her agenda. In cooperation with the Swiss provider, CarbonCare, a CO2 calculator has already been added to Scope. This visualization enables the precise verification of each individual shipment’s environmental footprint. This adds transparency so customers can decide which transport solution is the most suitable for them in terms of climate protection, states Ms. Graf. Incidentally, remote working and traveling to the office near Zurich Airport by bike instead of using a private car, also contribute to lower greenhouse gas emissions, she points out.



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